Over 70 years experience
Over 70 years experience

The Society was founded over seventy years ago by a group of firms that wanted to provide and to meet medical needs of their staff members. They then decided to create a pool into which each member of staff would contribute monthly and be able to draw from whenever the need arose and this is when MASCA was formed. This fund assumed a national character and currently our members can be found and serviced by Providers throughout the whole country.

A trusted partner
A trusted partner

The Society has developed a good working relationship with healthcare service providers over the past number of years. The relationship covers all disciplines of healthcare service providers ranging from General Practitioners through to Private Hospitals. These strategic relationships have enabled Masca `s Medical Aid Cards to be accepted without any hassles

  • Over 70years experience
  • We are commited to our clients
  • We are commited to our staff
  • Honesty and Reliability
  • Ethical and professional conduct
  • Reliable and Dependable

Our Vison

To be market leaders and commit resources towards providing an integrated and unparalleled quality service and products in relieving fund members of the financial burden consequent upon illness or accident.

Featured MASCA plans

Enjoy reliable and efficient medical cover you can always depend on.


For Skilled Personnel this scheme bridges the gap between the upmarket and lower schemes. Covers 7 days in Private hospitals (Three bedded ward) for all surgery. No MRI scans nor allergy tests, but routine x-Rays/ultrasonic scans accepted.


For Middle Management personnel; best value for modest contributions. Comprehensive cover under generous annual limit. Payments to All Providers of services in terms of tariff; shortfalls are possible.


For those young married couples who want to plan for a family. Comprehensive cover for maternity benefits ante/postnatal/deliveries.


Tailor made for students both local and foreigners at affordable prices. Peace of mind whilst studying. Covers basic day to day primary health care with one's selected private doctor and drugs so prescribed. Referral to private hospital from Public hospital require pre-authorisation from MASCA.

If I do not accept the opinions and treatment of my general practitioner that I am registered with and wish to change, how do I do it?
All members have the right to change doctors at any time. All you have to do is call at the nearest MASCA offices and complete the relevant “change of doctor” registration form. One copy will go to the new doctor, one copy will go to the previous doctor, one copy will be retained by the patient and the last copy will go on MASCA files after processing the change. In order that the second doctor can treat the patient successfully he/she should request that the patient's “record cards”, which reflect the treatment history of the patient, be transferred from the first doctor to him /her for retention.
If I have got an emergency over the weekend or after working hours what do I do?
Your regular nominated G.P should be contacted or in any emergency proceed to the out patients in the hospital. The G.P at the hospital will then examine the patient, diagnose and prepare a treatment regime and discharge the patient or alternatively admit the patient to a ward and call an appropriate specialist. If your G.P is out of town he/she should have a locum doctor on standby.
What do I do if I am in a different city and need treatment urgently?
When members fall sick away from their home station (different city), they can produce their valid medical cards to the nearest health institution and they will not be turned away. Some health service providers will contact our Call Centre or our Managed Care Section for clearance. Should you be required to pay cash, by the attending practitioner please submit your detailed invoices/receipts on a claim form to your nearest MASCA offices, for a refund.
What do I do if I fall sick outside Zimbabwe?
Members travelling outside Zimbabwe should remember to buy a travel cover policy before they leave. Members should consult MASCA for options available. If the patient is not covered by any policy and they are carrying a MASCA card some service providers may accept this upon verification with MASCA yet other service providers may demand cash up front. Should members pay upfront, detailed invoices/receipts can be submitted for refunds in terms of MASCA rules.
What do I do if I want to become a MASCA member?
You can contact our marketing department on marketing@masca.co.zw for details & advice.
When should I expect to receive my medical aid card if I join?
You should expect to receive your medical aid card within one month of joining. However should you need to go to a general practitioner before your card is issued please make sure you obtain a confirmation of membership certificate from our member

Strategic Partners

In order to ensure the best service to our valued clients, we have made strategic partnerships with leading healthcare practioners.

Wochart Group of Hospitals - India

Wochart Group of Hospitals - India

Health International

Health International

Health Administration Network

Health Administration Network

Beit Cure Group of Hospitals - Malawi

Beit Cure Group of Hospitals - Malawi