Notice to all Stakeholders

Email communication challenges: The society advises its valued stakeholders that it is currently facing challenges relating to sending and receiving emails. This has been of concern to us and has inconvenienced our stakeholders as communication in our industry is vital. We would like to assure al...

Just When Can a Woman Become Pregnant?

Medical textbooks say that an average woman is most fertile from 10 to 17 days after the first day of her menstrual cycle. But NIH researchers have shown what some women have long suspected: many women who think they can only become pregnant during this span become unexpectedly pregnant. For some...

Small Steps to Diabetes Prevention

EASY STEPS to increase activity: Put away the TV remote control and get up to change the channel. Try walking around the house while you talk on the phone. Park the car farther away from stores, movie theaters or your office. Get off the bus one stop early, if you are in a safe place […]