Masca Medical Aid Society

Scheme Details



For those young married couples who want to plan for a family.
Comprehensive cover for maternity benefits ante / post natal / deliveries. Payments to all providers of services in terms of the US Dollar tariff; shortfalls are possible on specialists and anaesthetists claims.
Free choice of private hospital in a two bedded ward for all surgery. Public hospitals paid in full. Hospitalisation over 10 days must have prior authorisation from MASCA on appeal from the specialist.
Free choice of specialists for MRI scans and other practitioners for pathology, radiology and other diagnostic procedures, prior approval from MASCA required.
MASCA pays 90% for acute and chronic drugs and member pays 10% to the pharmacist up to the two separate annual drug benefit limits and 75% for cancer drugs and other categories deemed by the society to be essential and high cost items on pre-authorisation limited by the absolute annual benefit.
Referrals outside Zimbabwe by specialist medical practitioners are considered on merit provided prior approval from MASCA is obtained. Emergency evacuations by road or air to the nearest referral centre (Harare) accepted up to the specific limit only.
Grant In Aid benefits like dental, optical, nebulizers and other appliances accepted up to the specific limits.
Holiday travel worldwide through a contracted travel agent is available for emergency conditions. Costs incurred for minor injuries & ailments are refunded by MASCA on presentation of receipted accounts.