Over 70 years experience
The Society was founded over seventy years ago by a group of firms that wanted to provide and to meet medical needs of their staff members. They then decided to create a pool into which each member of staff would contribute monthly and be able to draw from whenever the need arose and this is when MASCA was formed. This fund assumed a national character and currently our members can be found and serviced by Providers throughout the whole country.

A trusted partner
The Society has developed a good working relationship with healthcare service providers over the past number of years. The relationship covers all disciplines of healthcare service providers ranging from General Practitioners through to Private Hospitals. These strategic relationships have enabled Masca`s Medical Aid Cards to be accepted without any hassles


We are commited to our clients
We are commited to our staff
Honesty and Reliability
Ethical and professional conduct
Reliable and Dependable

Strategic Vision
To be the leading provider of healthcare funding solutions in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. We strive to provide high quality healthcare funding packages and an efficient service in order to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Mission Statement
To commit resources towards providing an integrated and unparalleled quality service and products in relieving fund members of the financial burden consequent upon illness or accident.

  • Core Values
    Ethical and professional conduct
    Honesty and reliability
    Total quality management
    Employer of choice
    Responsible corporate citizen