Masca Medical Aid Society

Scheme Details



Tailor made for students both local and foreign at affordable contribution rates.
Peace of mind whilst studying academically or on agricultural courses. Covers basic day to day primary health care with one’s selected private doctor and drugs so prescribed. MASCA pays 90% for acute and chronic drugs and the member pays 10% to the pharmacist up to the two separate annual drug benefit limit. MASCA pays 75% for cancer drugs and other categories deemed by the society to be essential and high cost items on pre-authorisation limited by the absolute annual benefit.
Covers private and public hospitals and school clinics up to the annual limit.
Covers specialists in private hospitals but short falls could occur as specialists and anaesthetists charge above the US Dollar tariff. Provision for private hospital admission in a general ward up to ten days thereafter patient pays 50% of the bill direct to the hospital and MASCA pays 50%. After ten days, authorization is needed on appeal from specialist for critical life threatening cases. One MRI scan is permitted per annum plus normal X-Rays, pathology and allergy tests.
Emergency evacuations by road or air to the nearest referral centre (Harare) accepted up to the specific limit only.
Grant In Aid benefits like dental, optical, nebulizers and other appliances etc accepted up to the specific limits.
Holiday travel worldwide through a contracted travel agent is available for emergency conditions. Costs incurred for minor injuries & ailments are refunded by MASCA on presentation of receipted accounts.