Masca Medical Aid Society

Benefit Details


Funeral cover benefit

Masca members are now eligible for a funeral cover benefit of US$800.
In the event of a member’s passing, a benefit of US$800.00 will be paid out. The claim will be submitted to our MASCA offices. However, please note that there are specific exclusions to this benefit. Claims will not be paid out in cases of:
• Suicide
• War
• Insurrection or Civil Commotion
• Epidemics as defined and declared by the World Health Organization standards.
• Any claims found to be fraudulent or dishonest

How to claim your Funeral Cover benefit:
• Submit a completed claim form + member ID and burial order to [email protected]
• Death certificate can be submitted at a later date but ID + completed claim form are required
• Claim processed based on utmost good faith
• 24 hours standard for payment to bank account because of cut off times.