Masca Medical Aid Society

Benefit Details


The Hospital Cash back plan

Masca pays a benefit of US$20.00 per day after 72 hours of continuous hospitalization.
The maximum payout is 30 days per event and 60 days per year however the policy has some exclusions including:
• Maternity
• Dental
• Cosmetic
• Pain management
Moreover, chronic illness is subject to a five-day limit per event, with a maximum of two events per year and ten days per year.
The claim will be submitted to our MASCA offices, and will be processed by the Finance Department.

How to claim your Hospital Cash Back benefit
To submit a claim, please ensure that you have completed the claim form accurately and have attached copies of the following original documents:
• Patient card
• Discharge summary
• Diagnosis letter
• Test results
• Letter of admission and discharge
• Police report (for accidents)
• A copy of the claimant’s ID
Please note that all claims will be processed based on the principle of utmost good faith.